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We are passionate about helping YOU to look and feel your absolute best!

Originally founded in Miami USA this magical machine has taken the UK by storm! This non-invasive, non surgical body contouring machine can transform your life.


This magical body contouring machine is used to melt fat and enhance volume in all the right places to create body contours you've always dreamed of. This treatment isn't just for the ladies either, we welcome men too!

The BBL machine can give you the body you desire, without the risk and cost of surgery!⁠ The machine can work wonders on the stomach, hips, back, arms, chest and thighs and of course the non-invasive Brazilian Booty Lift the safest and fastest way to boost your rear appeal.⁠


*Will sculpt your curves, erase cellulite and tighten loose skin using the latest non-surgical breakthrough in body contouring!


*This treatment combines fat busting elements which works by stimulating fat cells, causing a change in the permeability of the cell membrane.


*The cells are then broken down further using pulses to destroy the fat cells. The triglycerides (broken down fat) are then used to reposition, contour and sculpt into a round, shapely booty or if targeting other areas of the body the fatty toxins are eliminated through your lymphatic system.


*This treatment also improves skin tone, reduces cellulite, and activates collagen production.

Body Contouring

This cellulite reduction and body contouring treatment is painless, safe and offers long-lasting results. Whether you are looking to lose belly, bum, arm, back or leg fat reduction or get rid of cellulite and stubborn stretch marks this treatment ticks all the boxes.

Brazilian Booty Lift

The procedure gives your booty a powerful three-dimensional lift by breaking down unwanted fat cells and replacing them into the buttock area, improving skin tone and reducing cellulite whilst creating a pert booty.


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