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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Brazilian Booty Lift work?

The procedure gives your booty a powerful three dimensional lift by breaking down unwanted fat cells and replacing them into the button area, improving skin tone and reducing cellulite whilst creating a pert booty.

Are the results 


Yes, the results on any area are visible immediately, but the treatment works differently on everyone and will continue working for up to 2 weeks. 

How long will it last?

Results can be permeant if completing a course of 5 or 8 but maintenance appointments are recommended 8 weeks after.

Is there any downtime? 

No, you can continue your day as normal after each treatment, however sometimes the skin may be red and on very rare occasions can bruise.

What areas can be treated?

The treatment can be preformed on bum, tummy, arms, legs, thighs, hips and back.

Can I have a treatment if I am pregnant?


Can I just have one treatment?

Yes you can have a single treatment however you will not see the full results after one treatment and results will wear off after 2 weeks.

What results will I get?

The area you have had treated will feel firmer, your therapist Zoe will concentrate on certain problem areas which are a concern to you and in return remove stubborn cellulite.

How many sessions will I need?

We recommend a course of at least 5 treatments on the same area preformed weekly, then a maintenance treatment every 8-10 weeks after.

How long do I wait

between treatments when having a course?

For best results possible a minimum of 7-14 days is advised.

Does it hurt?

Treatment is completely pain free although the suction on the Brazilian Booty Lift can be slightly uncomfortable.


 Do I need to exercise or diet?

We strongly recommend that you exercise and eat well throughout your course to excel your results, however you will still see results if you choose not to.

Should I book a course?

Yes, we recommend a course of 5 treatments for maximum results. Any cellulite removal and skin tightening can be permeant if you follow the advised aftercare. If you want to maintain the lift and volume maintenance appointments are required every 8-10 weeks.

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