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Drink H20

Be loyal to water drink at least 2/3 liters of water after your testaments this will help your body eliminate the unwanted fat cells from your body. Your results will be increased if you stick to this 5 days following your treatment.

No Junk Food

Its completely a no-no to eat fatty and unhealthy foods right after your radio frequency skin tightening session. Give your body time to heal.

Avoid Alcohol 

Since your liver is involved in the process. it needs to fully cooperate after the treatment. Taking in alcohol is never a good idea because your liver will first remove the alcohol from your body instead of the deactivated fat cells. Drink more water instead. 

Cool Bathing

We advise that you shower with cool water. If you really want something warm to rinse your body a lukewarm bath is okay.

Keep in mind that the waters temperature shouldn't be too high. Hot temperature could aggravate the condition of the skin that has been through intense radio frequencies and delay its recovery.

No Caffeine

You've been adviced to increase your water intake consumption to at least two litres per day. When we say water, that's no other than H20. Coffee, juices, tea and carbonated drinks are excluded from the list. It is important to keep your body hydrated to help your skin recover the broken down fat cells. Drinking coffee and other beverages that contain caffeine can dehydrate the body rather than rehydrate it.

Light Exercise 

We recommend very light exercise after your treatment; a brisk walk usually does the trick. Squats and lunges dramaticallyincrease the results.

No Sunshine

Radio frequency and cavitation energy plus UV rays would be too much for your skin to absorb. Tanning after a treatment and could cause your skin to be more sensitive and increases the likelihood of damaging cells. We recommend no direct contact with the sun or sunbeams for at least 48hrs..



If you have any queries regarding your most recent procedure(s) please get in touch.

Text Zoe on 07943173561 or Chloe on 07955635665

and they will get back to you asap.

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